Minimalist is a Windows tuneup utility geared towards helping users optimize their Windows experience.

  • Disable unnecessary startup programs and services (built-in database)
  • Tweak hidden or hard to find Windows settings, such as menu delay, multiboot timeout, shutdown app kill timeout, visual effects settings, etc.
  • Supports XP, Vista, and Windows 7
  • Faster startup time
  • Faster shutdown time
  • Better UI responsiveness
  • More memory/cpu cycles available for other programs
Running Minimalist on low-end systems such as netbooks can result in a much more usable platform. However, the tweaks and utilities within Minimalist are highly applicable for all users, regardless of hardware.

Download version 0.04 (alpha)

Note: You will need to run the program as administrator for changes to apply!

Download version 0.04 (alpha)
Requires .NET Framework v2 and above. May require Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Libraries.

Please note that many functions are not yet completed. Please report any bugs!